WordPress has become a tool used by millions of designers for much more than creating blogs. Each week we take a look at whats new with WordPress.


Auto Hosted

An excellent tool for WordPress developers, it allows you to provide auto-updates for your self-hosted themes and plugins and costs $45.


Meta Slider

A slideshow administration plugin that lets you chose between four jQuery slideshow plugins. Get it on WordPress.org.




A WordPress theme to create crowd-funding sites. $45 on ThemeForest.



Ghost has been funded

Not exactly WordPress related, but blog software Ghost has been funded on Kickstarter. Ghost promises to become a very beautiful blog system that might encourage WordPress to evolve and improve its interface.


WordPress 3.6 beta 2

The latest beta version of WordPress 3.6 is out, as usual not recommended on production websites.

Tutorials & Snippets

How to Split Large XML Files in WordPress

I had this problem recently. What to do when the file you exported from one WordPress install is too big to be imported in another WordPress site? Just follow this tutorial.


A guide to Creating Your Own WordPress Editor Buttons

An interesting way to customize the WordPress editor and add some functionalities for writers. Via WPtuts+.