What We Do

Graphic Design


Our core service is branding design for small to medium sized business; everything from company logo design to stationery, brochures, small ads, signage, uniforms, website design, photography… whatever you need for your new business or to enliven an existing brand. We love design, and are passionate about adding value to your business.


Brand Management


Brand management begins with having a thorough knowledge of the term “brand”. It includes developing a promise, making that promise and maintaining it. It means defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand. Brand management is nothing but an art of creating and sustaining the brand. Branding makes customers committed to your business. A strong brand differentiates your products from the competitors. It gives a quality image to your business.

Brand management includes managing the tangible and intangible characteristics of brand. In case of product brands, the tangibles include the product itself, price, packaging, etc. While in case of service brands, the tangibles include the customers’ experience. The intangibles include emotional connections with the product / service.

Brand Management deals with the marketing side and the retail/service strategy for your business, your brand and your commercial offerings. Brand Management is the guardianship of your core services, and the way that you are perceived in the marketplace. You might have a great price, great product and great service, but if your brand is not managed well, you will be perceived poorly. It is my goal to ensure that the offering you have is maximised by the management of your image and a streamlined business approach.

A simple example is if you have a logo which uses a common font like Times New Roman, yet your business offers website services. This is not a good match. Times New Roman is primarily a typeface used in print, and it doesn’t suggest a web offer. Also it is a bit outdated in todays web 2.0 world.

As part of a Brand Management service, I would advise you of this and discuss options to update your logo, the look, and the perceived value of your business. Also I would discuss things like colour psychology, content layout and other things which are visual identifiers to your audience. Over the course of a few meetings, we would go over a lot of ground and would hopefully arrive at a place where your business image is more aligned with the offer and position it should have in the market you are in.

I take the Management of a Brand very seriously, and incorporate this thinking into every element I create. Designers often refer to the “look and feel” of a brand. This means that the company has the right look for the service they offer and that the company also has the right feel. The majority of people don’t have a way of expressing this in tangible terms – that is where I step in. I give a voice to your business, and hopefully it sings like a nightingale once we are all done.


Web Design


Our skills, services and systems focus on ensuring our clients’ websites are a central component of an ever-broadening universe of digital corporate communication. Brand personalities, identities and strategies are interlaced with evolving technical components, and with an ability to function within specific campaign and promotional requirements.

We inter-relate closely with our clients’ in-house marketing teams to formulate website planning, develop assets and create an on-going maintenance programme that greatly enhances communication output. Our websites meet every need for functional efficiency, delivering the multiple channels of engagement that are at the core of today’s international business world.

We understand the ways into, through and beyond the Web – and we’ll grow your understanding as we work alongside you.

Web Design Quote / Pricing

Web design pricing / quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis. We’ll invest a great deal of energy conceptualising a web design, pricing and documenting what we think will work for you. Website prices are based on our standard consultancy web design rates of NZ$120 per hour.


Typical Web Design Pricing


A well designed small site (5-10 pages including Blog and Contact Form) starts in the $1000 range.
This will include a content management system for you to edit and amend changes.
Ecommerce sites start at $2000 if we add the products ($1500 if you add the products using the site manager)


Website Design Objectives


A Web site design quote should, we think, be based on a business-focused methodology. It should be more about creating a functional pathway that facilitiates a visitor becoming a client, and less about showcasing graphical talents and creative genius. Unless of course, its a site for photographer or an artist needing a slick multimedia platform that highlights their talents… But even then – not at the expense of functionality!
Regardless of the theme or purpose, there are very important architectural considerations to take into account! For a corporate identity site, or travel & tourism business, there may well be different design and layout requirements.

These add depth to the website, differentiate you from your competitors, and give the search engine’s more to work with when assessing your value.