What We Do – Web

Web Design Quote / Pricing

Web design pricing / quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis. We’ll invest a great deal of energy conceptualising a web design, pricing and documenting what we think will work for you. Website prices are based on our standard consultancy web design rates of NZ$120 per hour.

Typical Web Design Pricing

A well designed small site (5-10 pages including Blog and Contact Form) starts in the $1000 range.
This will include a content management system for you to edit and amend changes.
Ecommerce sites start at $2000 if we add the products ($1500 if you add the products using the site manager)

YourSiteHere – Special Pricing!

YourSiteHere offers a 5 page website for $597 – check it out!

Website Design Objectives

A Web site design quote should, we think, be based on a business-focused methodology. It should be more about creating a functional pathway that facilitiates a visitor becoming a client, and less about showcasing graphical talents and creative genius. Unless of course, its a site for photographer or an artist needing a slick multimedia platform that highlights their talents… But even then – not at the expense of funcionality!
Regardless of the theme or purpose, there are very important architectural considerations to take into account! For a corporate identity site, or travel & tourism business, there may well be different design and layout requirements. However, in all cases the web design quote must address the following issues:

  • A layout and colour scheme that portrays the products and services effectively
  • Navigation that is easy for both visitors and search engines to follow
  • Clearly obvious access to your Products / Services offerings
  • Obvious and unambiguous “Calls To Action” where you tell your visitor what you’d like them to do – buy, telephone you, use a contact form, sign up for a newsletter… Whatever you want them to do must be spelt out clearly.
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) must be obvious – why should people buy from you?
  • Social Media – the site should incorporate and / or enhance the business’s Social Media profile

These add depth to the website, differentiate you from your competitors, and give the search engine’s more to work with when assessing your value.