To relax a little on the week-end, lay back and check out a little typographic inspiration. If you like typography, make sure to check ourTypography Daily blog.

Font of the week: Pilcrow

Pilcrow is a Latin-script sans serif family. Its design is simple and utilitarian, similar to forms found on street and highway signs around the world or in-use on cast-metal lettering for industrial products. The fonts are available in two versions: straight-cornered and rounded. While the normal Pilcrow fonts have sharp corners at their stroke terminals, Pilcrow Softs have been filed down.



Forest ground things typeface

Typeface designed with elements taken from the forest ground (wood, stones, bones…).


3D cover

A cover that makes good use of 3D type.



Huge typographic installation in Warsaw.


Arabic typography

Gorgeous type in Arabic by Ahmed Farag.


Exmouth market print

A beautiful letterpressed print.


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