Mates Rates

“Mate! It’s been ages. Hear you’re a plumber now – hows about a quick squiz at my bathroom to fix my drain…”


Sound familiar? So you’ve got a mate who can do something for you quick, fast – and maybe even a little bit discounted.

Well, lucky for you, I am that friend (dramatic zoom closeup ensues).

It seems that I’ve been the goto guy for what ails you when it comes to graphic or web design for a lot of my friends, and I thought I would also invite you into this close circle of friends. and so is born Mates Rates. It’s seems unobtrusively insignificant at first -

I guess the thing that makes this great for you what can be achieved in that 2 hours.

For example, you flick me $35 for 1 hour: or, you flick me $70 for 2 hours:

[info_box_1 title=”$35 – One Hour - MATES RATES”]


  • I create a new business card for you.
  • I create a new header for your website.
  • I set up a print file for you.
  • I edit out that uncle pulling faces in your wedding pic.
  • I set up new email addresses for you.
  • We do an image editing tutorial in Photoshop
  • I set up artwork for fashion printing
  • We have a business marketing brainstorm for optimising your identity.
  • [/list][/info_box_1]

    [info_box_1 title=”$70 – Two Hours - MATES RATES”][list]

  • I create a basic brand identity – logo, business card, letterhead
  • I create a basic 1 page website for you and get it live!
  • I edit 20 digital images and colour correct.
  • We do a basic photoshoot.
  • I get basic signage for your vehicle or building site.
  • We get birthday invites all designed & printready.
  • I do a web refresh for your existing site – edit 3 pages and update text or images.
  • [/list][/info_box_1]

    [bar_info_box_1 buttontext=”Book!” buttonurl=”″ text=”Book me for 1 hour. Only $35.” /]

    [bar_info_box_1 buttontext=”Book!” buttonurl=”″ text=”Book me for 2 hours. Only $70.” /]