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Why should you rebrand WordPress? You may ask. The reason is fairly simple: to make your clients life easier. Of course, you shouldn’t do that for clients who know what WordPress is and have no problems with website management. The customers who need this are the ones that don’t want to know how it works, and want to learn as little as possible.

Clients that don’t want what goes on the backend are often the same as the ones who think free software means lower quality software. Yes, people think they get better stuff if they pay. To make these customers feel better, you can always white label your installs using these white label plugins.

1. White Label Branding

Probably the best solution to rebrand WordPress for your clients. The White Label Branding WordPress plugin comes with so many options that you wouldn’t believe it.

This plugin goes into the smallest details to allow you to really custom tailor your WordPress install. This way it will look exactly the way you want, and nobody will be able to tell that it’s made with WordPress. Amon other things, you can customize the login form, dashboard, menus,… and much more.

This plugin is a paid one that cost $25 for a regular license (1 install), but that’s very cheap for all these functionalities.



2. Rebrand WordPress plugin

This free WordPress plugin will also let you customize WordPress installations. Your clients will get access to a much easier admin that takes away the WordPress elements. So here if your client is used to the WordPress admin, he will probably recognize the backend.

White label CMS plugin may not be as professional as the White Label Branding plugin, but it will do the job if you are looking for something free.


Do you rebrand WordPress for your clients?

How about you, is it a common practice for you to rebrand WordPress? Do you think it’s a good practice or some kind of shady way to do business? Let me know in the comments.

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