How to find the best WordPress themes for photographers

For photographers also, WordPress works well if you know how to pick the right theme. Photography centric sites are quite different from text-based sites and should be treated as such, so some of the usual features that you would look for in other cases may be less important in this case.

In my opinion, looking at the following seven points should greatly help you to find the perfect WordPress themes for photographers.

1. Photography-centered design

This one may sound obvious, but it’s better to remind it. Photography is the core of your website, you wouldn’t want to use a theme that doesn’t do a great job at displaying your photos.

Photocrati: one of the best WordPress themes for photographers

Photocrati is a WordPress theme for photographers only.

2. Gallery features

You should be able to chose the way you present your galleries, and if possible you should have the option to do it in more than a single way. Your galleries should be well layed out and take things like captions or image titles into account. And of course the galleries should be responsive, just like the rest of the theme.

A responsive design gallery

Lenze probably has one of the most beautiful gallery layouts.

3. Images size

Please don’t use tiny images. You are a photographer and images should be looking good on your site, tiny images will not be attractive to any one. You could even go as far as using one of those full-screen image features that many WordPress themes for photographers offer.


The DK WordPress theme for photographers has some pretty cool full-screen images feature.

4. Slideshow features

Many magazine or other type of WordPress themes use slideshows in a totally useless way. However, in the case of a photography theme, you should have the option to look at the images in a comfortable way, without clicking.

5. Social media integration

The theme you chose should offer some good integration of social media. Even though social media sites like Twitter or Facebook should be included, a focus should put on social media sites for photographers like Flickr or Instagram.

6. Ease of customization

As for any other theme, you should make sure that the theme you are chosing is flexible and will not get you stuck into endless learning for customizing your theme. After all, you chose to use a template to save time, not to work more.

Example of gallery administration

An example of powerful admin panel for customization in the Photolux theme.

7. eCommerce features

If you are a photography professional, you should look for selling your photos. For that, you should make sure that eCommerce integration comes out of the box with your WordPress theme.

Examples of great WordPress themes for photographers

Now let’s take a look at some of the WordPress themes for photographers that fit the requirements above.


Photocrati is one of the most comprehensive WordPress themes for photographers out there. It has tons of page designs, gallery layouts, tools for customization, built-in eCommerce and much more.


AC Johnson photography, an example of site made with Photocrati.


Core is a minimalist WordPress theme for photography. It comes in dark or light, social sharing support, password protected gallery, or fullscreen slideshows.



Photolux comes with three base skin choices: Dark, Light and Transparent, as well as numerous of backend options for easy customization and building your skin.



Other comes with loads of unique layouts, including our draggable vertical galleries, and homepage portfolio with great animations and category filters.


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