Designing lamps must be awesome. I never took the time to try and work on it, but I feel like it’s a project that I’ll work on pretty soon. In this post I share some cool lamp designs that I found inspiring.

1. Pilu

A modern yet friendly-looking set of lamps, designed by Leoni Werle.


2. Cactus

Designed by Miguel Herranz, a spanish designer, this table lamp is both unusual and elegant. Available on The Modern Shop.


3. Graphic lamp collection

Sold by DelightFull, this collection of typographic lamps should fit well in any house.


4. Slow moves

A lamp that look like it comes out of an alchemist’s studio. Created by Studio Vraay.


5. Fellow

A clean, simple and friendly desk lamp by Y.S. Collective.


6. Pine lamp

A gorgeous lamps by Made by Who for Nordic Tales.


7. Moooi Brave NW

A weight lifting lamp, complicated and technical looking.



8. Space Walker Junior

A cool gadget lamp with a big head.


9. Pipe lamp

MESH architects recycle pipes and turns it into very cool lamps.


10. Octave

Cool lamp by Les Pompadours made of recycled woodblocks.