About Us

What We Do

Run is an advertising and design agency based in Aotearoa.

We are M?ori owned and female led with a multicultural team. We consider ourselves kaitiaki, leaders in creative communications, particularly across M?ori kaupapa. Formed in 2008, we have many years of experience working for both national and international brands and organisations on everything from graphic design to creative advertising campaigns. We do what all the network agencies do, but weave in genuine te ao M?ori values, and a cultural lens that others may not understand. All paired with a commercial understanding, to deliver solid outcomes.

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— Brand Strategy

— Campaign Strategy

— Marketing Plan

— Communication Strategy

— Digital Strategy

Graphic design

— Collateral Communication

— Visual Identity Design

— Collateral Design

— Publication Design

— Report Design

— Packaging Design

— Print Design

— Digital Design

— Environment Design

— Signage

— Way-finding

Creative Advertising

— Advertising Campaigns

— Creative Ideation

— Campaign Concept

— Campaign Implementation

— Digital Advertising

— Out of Home (OOH)

— Activations

— Art Direction

— Digital Product Creation

What We Do

We are grounded in te ao M?ori values, to benefit and enrich our clients and team.

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Whakaaro Auaha - Creative & Innovative

We’re ideas people and encourage and
embrace thinking differently, to come up with
better solutions. We’re passionate about using
creativity to solve problems. We believe in the
proven link between creativity and commercial
success. We’re up for any creative challenge
that comes our way!

Manaaki Whanau Family Friendly

Sick kids? School holidays? Or didn’t notice
your baby left a stain on your pants just as you
walked out the door? No problem – we totally
understand. Everyone was a kid once and
everyone has family (good and bad), so why
try and hide it? We have strong wh?nau
values. We are a small, close team who
respect, motivate and support each other. We
laugh and have fun together. Family keep us
grounded and down to earth. At RUN tamariki
are always welcome.

Whai Matauranga Growth & Knowledge

We constantly strive to learn and improve by
expanding our skill set and looking for ways to
grow and expand our knowledge. RUN is
made up of amazingly smart people; our team
has extensive, real-world experience and
education in our craft. We consider everything
a learning experience, so look forward to what
we can learn from you.

Korero Pono - Open, Honest & Real

We are truthful, upfront and open-minded and
like to work with people who are the same.
Open, honest communication is the key to any
successful relationship – that’s when great
collaboration happens. We may not always
agree, but we’ll always be truthful – it’s how
we come to the best creative solution.
Organisations we work with value what we
bring to the table, which is expertise in
creative, like graphic design, strategy,
branding, marketing and advertising. If we
aren’t the right fit for some we’re ok with that.
We strongly believe you need to go with your
gut feeling. We aim to be the same people at
work as we are at home.

Ngakaupai - Positive

Good ideas and decisions come when positive
people surround us. Research has proven the
connection between positivity and
performance, and we feel it. Positive people
produce better work, are more successful,
healthy and make the world a better place. We
provide a fun, positive attitude and
environment for all. A smile goes a long way.
We are grateful. Sure, we like facts, but believe
that the glass is half full and there’s always an
opportunity to top it.

Noho Haepapa - Responsible

We strive to be good ancestors. We aim to
make decisions that not only benefit our
company and clients, but the wider
community and environment too. We strive to
do what’s right for the world. We are ethical,
honest and have a sense of purpose to
improving the planet and humanity. We are
doing our bit to make our work continually
more sustainable, to leave a lesser footprint
on the earth. It’s just the right thing to do. In
the sprit of openness and honesty, we’re not in
any way perfect, but we’re continually striving
to improve.

Our Leadership team

Raymond McKay

Ngaati Mahuta, Ng?ti P?keko, Rongomaiwahine, Ng?ti Porou

Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Laura Cibilich

Tangata Tiriti

Co-Founder / Design Director

Ariana Stone

Ng?ti Kahungunu ki Te Wairoa

Pou Ahurea M?ori / Cultural Director

Shelley Cousins

Ng?ti Raukawa, Ng?i Tahu, K?ti M?moe

Account Director

Leonie Hayden

Ng?ti Wh?tua ki Kaipara, Ng?ti Hine


Dylan Wasson

Ng?ti Wh?tua ki Kaipara, Ng?puhi

Senior Designer