Recently I’ve been looking for tools to improve my web design workflow, especially to work with CSS better. In this post you can discover some of the tools I have discovered in my quest.

1. CSS Gallery

No script needed, a pure CSS gallery downloadable on Github.


2. Shame.css

An idea that will not save you time on website creation, but definitely will make updating your site’s CSS much quicker. Shame.css is a file you should create to put all your dirty CSS tricks and hacks in one place.


3. Border Radius generator

Quickly generate the code for your CSS3 rounded corners box, a simple to use visual tool.


4. Prefixr

Use this tool to quickly add vendor prefixes and make your stylesheet’s code cross-browser compatible.


5. CSS Menu Maker

Make custom CSS menus that are cross-browser compatible. A great way to get started to build any kind of menu.


6. Flat UI Colors

Quickly find and select colors that are well suited to create flat UIs.


7. Awesome fontstacks

Create foolproof fontstacks and get the CSS code right away.


8. CSS Compressor

Save bandwidth and optimize your page load speed with this CSS compressor tool by CSS Drive.