Some people enjoy working from home, others prefer to stay at the office or go to a fancy coffee place. In this post I’m looking at something else, the working environments that few people will choose. Those workstations are not always the most practical, but they are definitively the most unusual ones.

1. The Emperor Work Environment

Workstations that come straight out of a 90s’ futuristic movie. Created by MWE lab, those workstations are immersive, comfortable, and… expensive. I’m afraid that working in it would turn my working time into long naps.


2. The desk bed

Working long hours is sometimes a necessity, but you should always have a little sleeping time. This desk by Studio NL is the perfect combination of an office desk and a bed for people who can’t go back home.



3. Balcony table

A space saving table by Michael Hilgers you can hang on your balcony and use to work from home.


4. Bookshelf workstation

An interesting concept that puts your books very close, it doesn’t look too comfortable though.


5. Privacy desk

Time to check out your bank account? Better hide your earnings under a cool shell. Designed by Sophie Kirkpatrick.


6. Bicycle desk

Do you ever feel that going to work by bike is so comfortable that you want to stay on it for work? Probably not… This desk by Muu design studio lets you stay on your bike and work while resting.


7. Pop up office

A cardboard office that you can set up anywhere in a matter of seconds.




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