As a graphic designer, chances are that you are often sollicited for web design work, and WordPress work in particular. Obviously, you don’t like to turn down work and the money that comes with it.

So what can you do to have a chance to design themes for WordPress when you don’t know how to code? In this post we present you with three ways for graphic designers to create their own WordPress themes.

1. Use a Photoshop plugin

This is probably the solution that gives you the most control as a designer, because it will allow you to do it all by yourself. The most famous (and maybe the only one) PSD to WordPress software out there is Divine, a Photoshop plugin that lets you convert a design from Photoshop to HTML / CSS / PHP code. No need to know anything about coding, a fast and easy way to create themes.


2. PSD to WordPress services

This option will probably end up being a bit more expensive, but will give you the best results if you can find the right provider. The main advantage of those services is that, while still quite cheap (usually $100 to $300), the quality is good because the WordPress theme is handcoded. It is also easier to get customizations like some javascript implementations or responsive layouts.

A quick Google search should help you to find tons of PSD to WordPress companies, but if you are too lazy to search companies like Markup Cloud are know to do a good job at a fair price.


3. WordPress drag & drop theme builders

An option that’s maybe not as flexible and open for designers compared to designing in Photoshop first, but drag & drop theme builders should be considered if you don’t know how to build WordPress themes. Those tools are often based on frameworks and the learning curve will be steeper than with the other two ways mentionned in this post, but the results can be great and you will be able to build WordPress themes by yourself.

To get a good overview of the drag & drop theme builders available for WordPress, check out this great post on WP Mayor.