Street art is everwhere, but often goes unnoticed. Sometimes though, the artists are so creative and talented that it is nearly impossible to miss their art. The best thing they can do? Take something from the street and modify it to turn it into a work of art. The following examples are great successes by street artists.

1. Sponge Bob

A great way to turn splashes of paint into street art, at the expense of Sponge Bob.

street art spongebob

2. Reset

The button we sometimes wish we had, looks so tempting to push it.


3. Horse

A horse drawn at the right place, running in the wild.


4. Prisoner

A somewhat scary piece of street art, hands coming out of an air vent, reminding us of a tiny prison.


5. Monster

Pretty spot on use of art surrounding a door that looks like vomitting debris.


6. Two fingers

This photo is actually a piece by Chinese camouflage artist Liu Bolin. However, I found that the background street art was stunning enough to be featured here.


7. Chalk art

David Zinn has already been featured on Designer Daily for his fun and quirky chalk art.


8. Mona Lisa

Good use of context to cover up Mona Lisa.


9. Dancer

Dancer warming up with the stairs handle bar, quite lovely.


10. Ice Cream

Suddenly the floor becomes much more yummy when you put the right street art at the right place.


11. Lego bridge

A piece that tricks your eyes and makes you feel like you are under a lego bridge.


12. Creativity explosion

Reading makes you free, a graffiti that says just that.


13. On/Off

A giant switch over your head, looks like you could turn off an entire city with that switch.


14. Interactive street art

A cool photo, blending into a wall painting.


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