It can easily be proved that jQuery is the dominant player in the javascript libraries market. It is bundled with WordPress, the most used blogging system, and Google provides a cached version of the script.

This library is most often used to add effects on your website easily, and navigation is an element that can be drastically improved by adding effects, whether it’s to hide part of the text or making a scrolling navigation. In this post we introduce you to a bunch of great jQuery scripts that will improve your website’s navigation.

1. Stylish jQuery Accordion

A fully customizable jQuery plugin to create accordion. It can be used to display large chunks of data (text, images etc.) in a limited space.

Download the plugin (Free)


2. HorizontalNav

Span a horizontal navigation to fit the full width of its container. A great way to create responsive and elegants menus.

Download the plugin (Free)


3. jQuery Sidebar

Display an expandable sidebar on the side of your webpage.

Download the plugin (Free)


4. PageScroller

Add smooth scoll navigation to your webpages.

Download the plugin (Lite version free or $35)


5. Explr

A lightweight and customizable jQuery plugin to create a tree menu.

Download the plugin ($6)


6. Sticky Mojo

A sidebar that sticks by your content. You can scroll, the menu stays visible.

Download the plugin (Free)


7. ddSlick

Create custom drop-downs with images and descriptions.

Download the plugin (Free)


8. CSS Dock menu

Add a Mac style menu to your website or application.

Download the plugin (Free)


9. Metro flexible navigation

After the navigation inspired by Mac, a navigation inspired by Windows’ Metro style design.

Download the plugin ($6)


10. Filtrify

A great looking advanced tag filtering plugin.

Download the plugin (Free)