Hotels are too often turning into cubical, purely practical buildings that are here just to fulfill their function. In this post you’ll find some unusual hotels that break the norm.

1. Igloo hotels

If you ever go travel to Switzerland (which I strongly suggest), an unusual way to spend time in the Alpes would be to stay a night in one of the Igloo hotels. They may not be the most comfortable ones out there, but they look definitely worth it.



2. Invisible tree house hotel

A tree house with a very simple cubic architecture and mirrors that reflect the trees around. A hotel in Lapland, Sweden, that should become very popular, if the visitors can find it that is.


3. Utter Inn

Utter Inn is an art project by Mikael Genberg. He took a typical Swedish red house and made it float. This hotel can be turned into your own little island, but with the luxury of getting meals delivered by boat if you want.


4. Dog Bark Park Inn

If someone offers you to sleep in a dog house, there are many chances that you will turn down that person. If the same person shows you the following picture of Dog Bark Park Inn, you mush be inhuman to not want to go sleep there.


5. Airplane hotel

A pretty cool looking built around an airplane in Costa Rica.


6. Cave hotel

Let your inner troglodyt finally go sleep in his cave and enjoy this cave hotel in Turkey.


7. ArkaBarka hostel

In a beautiful park of the wonderful city of Belgrade, Serbia, ArkaBarka is one of the most relaxing inner-city hostels.


8. Poseidon Undersea Resorts

A totally amazing hotel that allows you to sleep under the sea in the Fijis. Probably an amazing experience if you dare sleeping under the sea.



9. Treehouse hotel

Sleeping in a treehouse is pretty much every child’s dream, but sleeping in a treehouse in the jungle? Any adult’s dream too.


10. Hang Nga guesthouse

An impressive gueshouse in Vietnam, also known as the Crazy House.


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