We are a creative agency delivering solutions in events, design and media.

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Watch, Listen, Plan and Deliver. 

Our approach to every project is solutions focused, and built on trust with stakeholders. We believe in creating solutions that benefit the whole, and we place a high value on communication to ensure the best service we can. Think well – then communicate and collaborate.


90% of anything is execution. 

90% of anything is execution – meaning that all the planning in the world doesn’t actually deliver anything, and spreadsheets don’t execute, people do. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Our culture is centred on execution. It underpins all that we do and is our foundation. We are much more than just the sum of our ideas and we deliver on what we commit to.

About R+D

Māori multidisciplinary, creative agency. 

We have been in the creative space for 20 years, working in brand, music, fashion, advertising, festival management, theming for events, product design, sourcing, manufacturing and import, app development, web and software development – and more.

Contact us on the contact page or drop me a line at +64211000700

Ranui + Dee Samuels. 

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