What Features Have Designers Going Crazy For Webydo?

Creating exceptional websites without writing a single line of code has always been a dream for most graphic designers. After all most of us ended up learning HTML, CSS & Javascript not necessarily because we liked it or wanted to, but because it was a necessary evil to survive in the competitive web design market.

Truth is that unlike developers, coding for professionals designers had always been a means to an end. Our mission, as creative professionals is to deliver a fast, beautiful and functional website and we needed code to make it happen.

Despite that, successful web design is more about upholding the design principles, communicating messages, thinking about the user experience and delivering information in the most efficient way, rather than the technical side of things.

With Webydo, we can finally design a website with pixel-perfect accuracy and yes, completely code-free. Forget about HTML, CSS and Javascript and just focus on what we love and excel at: unleashing our designers.


Webydo’s code generator can automatically convert our graphic design into the necessary code updated to the latest industry standards.

But the cool thing about Webydo is not just that it allows designers to create a website from a blank canvas with familiar design features and code-free, which is also pretty awesome. It’s much more than that. After all, what would be the point to create a website that is not mobile friendly, doesn’t have CMS (content management system) capabilities and as designers be imposed to a limited selection of poorly made templates? That wouldn’t be suitable for professional web design, but a toy for amateurs and people who think that designers just play around with the mouse all day.

So let’s take a look at the features that make Webydo stand out from the rest and highly suitable for our professional web design community.


Design Visually

As we already discussed you can create visually appealing websites with pixel perfect accuracy. There is the option to start creating a site from scratch, using a premade layout, or a readymade design or you can even duplicate an older site you’ve been working on, to use as layout or template to start your second or third site. Currently, the most popular option is to begin the creative process from a blank canvas.


Inside the website editor you will find all the necessary elements needed for adding videos, images, text, flash, forms, menus, widgets and articles. You can drag and drop these elements, reposition them till you are satisfied and further customize them through a multitude of options.  Furthermore you can set up custom grids, rulers, and repeat elements across all pages.

You have a solid control on the typography and you can choose among various web fonts to use or add your own.  There are also features to manage your website pages and you can duplicate them, delete them, set if they’ll be visible on the menu, and of course add their various SEO options.

Mobile friendly

When your website will be viewed on a mobile phone device, it will be displayed in a customized responsive way. You can click the mobile icon in the editor to design the mobile version of your website. (The option to create a version for tablets is currently under development.)

Integrated e-Commerce

Ecwid is a great ecommerce solution used by more than 300.000 merchants in 175 countries. It is available in 45 languages and you can use all the major payment gateways with it thus making it a very flexible choice. Best part? You can embed it into any Webydo site in minutes!


Integrated CMS

Webydo also packs CMS like features. You or your client can change, delete or update any content element as many times you like. The content editing takes place in a word like processor where it’s easy to replace texts, add graphics, change images or videos, and once the content is uploaded it can also get published immediately.

Manage multiple websites with ease

Managing multiple websites can be quite frustrating and difficult if you haven’t come up early with a solid and consistent method of organizing your workflow. With Webydo you can manage all the websites you have created with it from a unified dashboard. From there we can create new websites, edit existing ones, manage and update the content, update our plan, customize our login page / dashboard logo, and more. Designers even have the option to send branded invoices to clients for services that they’ve provided so they won’t have to work on third party platforms.


Cost efficient

According to the size of your business and your needs you can choose among the “One-Site Plan” or the “Professional Plans.” There are 3 Professional Plans: Pro, Team, and Agency. This makes it possible for designers to grow their business and clientele by choosing the best plan for their agency or business.


Lead the development road map

The development of new features is decided by Webydo’s devoted community of designers. Following the requests of the vibrant community, more features are added. You can join the conversation on Webydo’s Participate page and add your suggestions, vote on existing topics and watch and see as your ideas are turned into reality.

One of the recent and most exciting features to come from the Participate page is the ability to create a Parallax Scrolling website, code-free. Webydo has recently released this in closed beta, and you can sign up for free for the trial and begin working with the Parallax Scrolling Animator in the beta trial.


With Webydo designers can finally see their design in action and be in charge of their creative vision from start to finish. Give Webydo a try today and see why over 86K designers worldwide love it and use it daily to create websites for their clients.


This article is presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.

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